Thursday, April 08, 2004

Blog Action Alert #1

We interrupt this program for the following special announcement...

I was a little slow on the draw for this. However, the strike still hasn't been resolved, so call today, and every day that you think of it until the buses are moving again!


Call (651) 296-3391 or (800) 657-3717

Tell him:

- Come to the table directly and settle the strike
- You can't balance the budget on the backs of transit workers
- Affordable health care is a right
- Transit is important to our communities

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog, already in progress.....

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Think it will work?

I think it will fall on deaf ears and I would waste my breath but it can't hurt to give it a go.

This has gone on too long...I have been so thankful I don't ride the buses to work.

Posted by: Susan at April 12, 2004 06:17 PM

Yeah, I don't even know how much sway the Governor has in this situation. I used to ride the bus from St. Paul to Downtown Minneapolis when I was working there. It was a real conveinience. I just can't imagine them not running. Especially since we are so far behind the transit systems of nearby cities like Chicago. I just keep hoping that the Minnesota that I hold so dear doesn't start descending in quality of life faster than we can regain it....

Posted by: GSeven at April 13, 2004 03:49 AM

I have to admit I am extremely new to your li'l bloggy thing here, but when one of the first things I read is the sentence: "Affordable health care is a right" I had to chime in.

WHY is it a right? Why is health care any different than any other good or service? I have never, ever understood this? Nobody has ever been able to explain to me where the thinking that health care should be forced to become "affordable" (whatever the fuck that means) or in many circles, "free" really comes from. I really, really would like to have this answered by someone.

I know that I'm going out on a limb by asking some stranger with a penchant for pick-it-up-at-BestBuy-and-pretend-that-I'm-into-underground-entertainment anime, but I figured, "What the fuck? If I ask the question to enough people, maybe I can get an answer that makes some sense.

Although I seriously doubt it.

Posted by: Michael Hunt at April 19, 2004 07:00 PM

Well, I'll admit, those are not my words. That was all essentially pasted from an email I received. I happen to agree with it all, but the wording is not mine.

Is Affordable health care a right? I guess I don't know that I'm comfortable with the word "right". However, I unequivocally believe it is something that as a society we should supply for all of our citizens. I don't know what I can say to convince you that as a country we should take care of the less fortunate if you don't already believe that. Ultimately, I guess I believe that nothing happens in a vacuum. We're all in this together. Is crime lower in areas with less poverty?

After attempting to earnestly answer your question as to my beliefs....what the hell is your deal with the condescension action? You start off by saying you don't know me and then proceed to mock me about my interest in Anime? I make no effort to mislead anyone here. I have seen Akira & Ghost in the Shell several times I have seen Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke a few times and that's about the extent of my experience. I know enough to know that I like it and want to see more. What exactly do you have a problem with?

Or are you just one of those people who belittle others to make your opinions seem more important?

Posted by: GSeven at April 19, 2004 08:58 PM

I think in this particular case, the wording is applying to those that were on strike. That it is perfectly acceptable to ask for health care/insurance that is affordable and is ample enough to keep one healthy, and that it is reasonable to expect such a basic necessity to the whole "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" promise that is what makes this country great.

Beyond that, yes, everyone has the right to have their basic needs met. If they so choose to upgrade them, that is up to them. But to expect people to fork over exorbitant amounts of money, particularly those who barely make a living wage, for health care that is unable to provide enough coverage for basic health (check-ups, prescriptions to maintain health over chronic conditions such as mental illness, diabetes, ms, etc.). Everyone has a right to be healthy, if they want to be healthy, and health care is a means of doing that.

Just a side note: Not everyone is in complete control of their fortune. People cannot always control if/when they get sick, or how serious it is. Neither can they always control things like job situations. There are many people that are busting their asses just to scrape by, and I fail to see why they don't deserve a little help in acheiving the american dream.

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Posted by: raven at April 19, 2004 09:41 PM

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I assume that you are refering to the "life" part of that when you are talking about free healthcare. Well, life means just, or not being dead. Everyone has the basic right to not be dead. What does that have to do with going to the doctor for check-ups or to treat yourself when you simply don't feel well? I could have a rough week at work and not feel very well, but then on a Friday night I drink a few whiskey sours and I feel pretty damned good. If I was poorer (not sure if that's a word) than I am now, should I be provided those whiskey sours by the government?

And as far as the anime thing goes, relax. I was just bustin' your balls a bit just for the sake of ball-busting. I really don't care what your interests in anime or whatever is. Personally, all anime bores the piss out of me, weather it's the hardcore, stright-from-Japan's-underground stuff, or the pasturized, pick it up at BestBuy with your Christina Aguilera CDs kind. Admitedly, I am not one to talk with the horrible crap that I'm entertained by.

Posted by: Michael Hunt at April 20, 2004 09:21 AM

So if "life" is merely not dead, then obviously "liberty" only means not bound, and the pursuit of happiness part is meaningless fluff or perhaps it refers to your whiskey sour, Mike Hunt. Or perhaps it refers to the Japanimation porn that gets you bored stiff.
The difference between healthcare and the "other" goods and services to which you refer is that your big screen T.V. and drop off laundry won't kill you if you don't have them, but if you develop cancer and don't have insurance and can't afford to go to the doctor for that check-up, it isn't discovered early and even when you have a huge lump, you still can't do anything about it and if your family decides to sell everything in an attempt to save you, you all end up dead. This isn't about a rough week at work. It's equal access to quality healthcare for diagnosis and treatment of injury and illness. Sure, there are flaws in the healthcare system,but that is a whole other issue. Are you saying a child born with a cleft palate doesn't have a right to have that corrected? That dying from a treatable illness or injury is the same as not having cable? Give me a break!

Posted by: Polly Sci at April 21, 2004 11:11 PM

Funny that you would use the cable thing as a point of reference. I sort of assume that you were baiting me with that, but what the hell. I'll bite.

My issue is more with people who say that they cannot afford their own health care when they really can. They just cannot afford it with all of the other stuff they "need". Namely, cable TV. Hell, for that matter I would have to say that health insurance should be a huge priority in the lives of the "poor" (again, whatever the hell THAT means). It should be the top priority over cable, snacks, electricity, a telephone, running water. After having a place to live, why isn't health-care the main thing people are going out to buy and THEN buying these other extravagences with any money they may have left over? You can LIVE without electricity, you know.

Oh, and don't forget that it's the PURSUIT of happiness...nobody has a right to be given happiness. That's a biggie.

Posted by: Michael Hunt at April 22, 2004 12:40 PM

Clean, safe drinking water is a necessity, however indoor plumbing is not. And while you can live without electricity, you would still need an energy source for heat and light (even if that's wood and a kerosene lantern, neither of which is particularly safe to use overnight)Alternative fuels would probably cost more than commercial electricity. Then there's the problem of food storage and preparation. Unless your computer access is from the library, I will assume that you have electricity, and either cable or a telephone line to link you with the outside world. I'd say primitive camping was as close as you've been to "living without" if that.
I was raised that insurance was number one priority. You just don't go without. Twenty years ago I was living in a trailer park (definitely NOT a manufactured home community) working three jobs. I had a 13" tv on a cardboard box with a sheet over it and that was it. I went without hot water for 3 months.(you'd be surprised how quick you can shower), but I NEVER went without insurance.
The cost of insurance has sky-rocketed since then, and while I still have never been uninsured, If it weren't for employer subsidies, I would be unable to pay the huge premiums. That is what is scary. Many employers are no longer offering healthcare coverage and of those that do the coverage keeps decreasing and the premiums keep going up. All insurance is going up alarmingly fast, far faster than wage increases. Have you paid auto insurance lately? You must have a car if you're not taking the bus. How about homeowners or renters insurance? If you don't have that your screwed. How many times have you seen a house or apartment fire on the news and the people are left with NOTHING? I agree with you that irresponsibility should not be rewarded. I'm saying that if you're working three jobs, you should be able to buy insurance, it shouldn't be out of reach for anyone. If you can't work or your job is moved overseas or downsized or whatever, there should be a safety net to catch you.
BTW I've moved up from the trailer to a small house, and I have a 20" color tv, but no big screen, I do my own laundry(running water and electricity), and I don't have cable. I wasn't baiting you with the cable thing, I have my own pet peeve about people who get food from the church pantry and take it home to eat in front of the tv while watching cable. I also have a pet peeve about people who have never gone without saying how other people should. So, what's your story M. Hunt?

Posted by: Polly Sci at April 22, 2004 11:55 PM
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