Thursday, April 01, 2004

Lark or Owl?

Lark or Owl?

I have always been a night owl. Even before I worked the overnight shift (11pm-7am) at SuperAmerica, I was always staying up late and sleeping in.

I still like to think that Night Owls are the fortunate ones, not slaves to their schedules and what have you...but we have to live in a Lark's world now don't we....

There really need to be some more late night options these days. It looked like we were going in the right direction for a while, but now I think we've lost as much as we've gained. I mean, I can get a Big Mac @ 4am, but I can't go and buy sheetrock at that hour anymore.....

For those of you who don't know, my 28th birthday has just come and gone. Wow. So little to show for it... I looked at my entry on 4.2.02 and I feel like I'm stuck in a Timeloop.

You know, like the NCC-1701-D is going to keep exploding until I figure out how to send Data's positronic brain the message "3" which will in turn make him realize that it is Riker's suggestion and not Data's that will actually prevent the impending destruction of our starship.... (and sadly, I wrote all that from memory...but you can read the synopsis of Cause and Effect if it's not ringing any of your bells...

Hey, while my geek muscles (oxymoron?) are in full force I should plug my latest website: Chaos Effect. A friend of mine from work and I are trying to gather local gamers and play LAN games once a month or so....check it out if you have any interest in LAN games...

So, umm, yeah...back to the Night Owl thing. So I am going to be working 1am-9:30am for the next couple of months, so we'll have to see how that goes. I'm hoping I haven't suddenly become too old for this kind of thing....if I have, I'll have to do that whole Bartender/ER Doctor/Freelance Writer/Rock Star thing....which really only works if you do all four at once, right?

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Happy delayed Birthday! See you tonight.

Posted by: not quite the yellow dart at April 3, 2004 02:11 PM

More Night Owls need to flock to the home improvement store at 4am so they find it profitable to stay open. At least you can still grab some groceries at Cub as long as you can maneuver around the stock.
Anyhoo, there are two approaches to the 1-9:30 thing.
When you get home you can A. take a shower and eat breakfast and pretend you just got up with the larks and do a normal day, then catch some zzz in the evening or B. Have dinner then go straight to bed when you get home in the morning and do the shower/breakfast thing in the evening and do some stuff, before heading to work.
Plan A works better if you have 9-5 things to do like banking and picking up sheetrock, Plan B works better for leisure activities like going to the show and gaming. But you already knew that. And you also know that on a natural rhythm schedule Night Owls need less sleep.

Posted by: Alliecat at April 21, 2004 11:40 PM
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