Friday, February 18, 2005

I’m Batman

Which member of the JLA are you?


Losing his parents to a tragic mugging, Bruce Wayne took a vow to wage a one man war on crime. Using the image of the bat to strike fear into criminals, he dons the guise of the Dark Knight after the sun sets. A genius detective and scientist he is a valuable member to the League even without powers

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Big shock for y'all I'm sure.

I'm in sort of a funk lately, so I apologize for the empty screen real estate. I think I expected a little more to have coincided with my graduation, but just about everything is the same. I have more free time technically, but it doesn't feel like it.

Work is playing a big part in my being in the doldrums. I keep working more and more and yet I'm getting nothing back. Well, I'm getting paid and all, but even that isn't necessarily on an equitable basis right now.

I have been able to play a little more PC games, but that hardly feels like an accomplishment. I dunno. I'm just getting really fed up of biding my time. Hopefully something will start making sense soon.


BTW, I really had no idea on the Medallion this year. It seems to work that way, last year I was literally a few feet away, this year I never even got out to a park. The explanations for this year's clues are below.

Now if only there were a handy set of explanations for what I should do now....

2005 Treasure Hunt clues and explanation

Clue 1
The old curmudgeon was in high dudgeon
When a critter ran off with the loot
But this year to be credible, we’ve made it inedible
And stuck it in a park — so scoot!

Explanation: Cranky hunters were upset to find the medallion, encased in green icing, had been moved by an animal last year — or so we assume. This year, with a brand new medallion, we hid it naked as a newborn — with no enticements for hungry animals.

Clue 2
Snow we have missed much, this not very white Christmas
But the ice has come to stay
The water’s quite frozen at this park we have chosen
Along its paths you may while time away

Explanation: Until days before the hunt began, there was little snow. White Christmas refers to song by Bing Crosby, whose last name leads you to the park. References to water and paths further identify the park.

Clue 3
Be safe and we pledge, neither cliff nor water’s edge
Figures in your hunting pursuit
What’s that you hear?
Please, have no fear. It was there before we moved in.

Explanation: Cautions hunters to avoid cliffs and the edge of the river and lakes. Hunters at Crosby will hear airplanes coming and going to the nearby airport — which was there, as homeowners are often told, before they moved in.

Clue 4
The siren calls, the giant falls
‘Tween field generals the poet sings
That down beyond the once blue pond
Is treasure fit for kings

Explanation: Siren and giant refer to the Odyssey, the epic poem by Homer, the singing poet. Field generals refers to Homer’s Iliad as well as famous quarterbacks John Elway and Rich Gannon, whose last names are shared with the roads at either end of the park. Homer St. runs into the park and points you to the east of the search area. Fallen giant refers to tree by which medallion was hidden.

Clue 5
A branch, a lichen, a place made for hikin’,
Is where a prize is earned.
Don’t run, helter skelter, seek out solid shelter
With room and wood to burn

Explanation: Crosby Park has forest, lichens on trees, hiking trails, a Prairie Style picnic shelter and a fireplace. 

Clue 6
Young woman or man, while you still can
Gnash your teeth and put on the glove
On cross country skis take the trail through the trees
Where the eagle flies with the dove.

Explanation: Youngman is a road near Crosby. ‘Glove’ and ‘the eagle flies with the dove’ come from ‘Love the One You’re With,’ the song made famous by Crosby Stills Nash & Young. David Crosby’s partners are hinted at by the words ‘still,’ ‘gnash’ and ‘young.’ The medallion was hidden off a cross country ski trail amidst the trees.

Clue 7
Chilled to the marrow only a yarrow
Could love the place you found
Lonely and forsaked, the puck rests naked
On the snow- and ice-covered ground

Explanation: Yarrow is a wildflower mentioned in nature signs in the park. It states that the medallion is “naked,” without any covering or packaging, and that it rests on the ground. Point of grammatical license: While “forsook” is the approved past tense of “forsake,” we did find “forsaked” in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Clue 8
He staked his claim one year of fame
On land as rich as Midas
This land is my land, kicked off the island
To a grove that once did hide us.

Explanation: English immigrant Thomas Crosby claimed this fertile farm site in 1858, the year Minnesota became a state. The clue states that the medallion was in a grove of trees and not on nearby Pike Island.

Clue 9
En route to trails where puck fever prevails
Many sides no flowers to see
Round the bend the seeker should wend
To all that remains of a tree.

Explanation: An eight-sided flower planter sits near the beginning of park trails. Around a bend in the trail is the giant stump of a tree, near where the medallion was hidden.

Clue 10
Parking lot leads past woods and weeds
To the trail passing two and three
The lake of ice, the life-saving device
Are close to our magical tree.

Explanation: Further defining the spot, this clue leads hunters past signposts Nos. 2 and 3 to a place near Upper Lake and a wooden life raft affixed to a tree. The “magical tree” refers back to the giant stump.

Clue 11
A path fit for hikes between Upper and Pike’s
Leads past a grove with a giant beheaded
Beneath branch debris near this once-mammoth tree
The magical booty is embedded

Explanation: Pinpoints the spot between Upper Lake and Pike Island where the giant “beheaded” stump is located; tells hunters to look under branch debris near this stump.

Clue 12
I say “You, hark!” In Crosby Farm Park
Lies the treasure, for goodness sake.
Hike in from the west along the trail, take no rest
And look south from mid Upper Lake.

From the giant tree with no head, face the island and tread
Six paces to the left: halt, battalion!
Fallen branches and snow hide the goodies below:
Thomas Crosby’s Winter Carnival Medallion!

Explanation: Instructs hunters, that midway from the trail along the south side of Upper Lake, find the giant tree stump and facing Pike’s Island, walk six paces to the left (east) and dig under fallen branches and snow, where the medallion was hidden.
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Funny... I also got Batman. I was hoping for the cupcake kid personally. ;-)

Posted by: Kaiser at February 18, 2005 10:16 AM

And I thought I'd be Wonder Woman! I'm Green Lantern. Interesting, since he was always my favorite back in my mis-spent youth.

Posted by: Nina at February 21, 2005 10:08 AM
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