Thursday, December 16, 1999

Multiple Update!

OK, first of all... Quake III was officially released on Dec. 2nd. If you've heard anything about it, you probably know that the folks at id decided to put a CD-KEY on the game that is required to play. GO BUY THE GAME! Click here to get it from! Not only will you be supporting the gaming industry and helping them to create new, exciting, RISK-taking games, you'll also supply me with a little extra cash. (VERY little BTW, think 1%-2%) However, this is important to the Quake/Online Gaming Community.

Also, NIN will be having their first ever concert special on MTV. Check out the details on their NIN Page. All of the footage is from their European "Fragility" tour. And seeing as my fiancée and I were at the Paris might actually get to see us! Trent was there too...

And Finally, please check out the link and new banner at the top of the page. It is for the SETI@home project. You download a screensaver, it downloads a .25 MB file, then it analyzes the data for HOURS, then, it transmits it back and downloads another .25 MB file. All this aids the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Help find E.T.!

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