Friday, March 14, 2003

If I could keep time in a bottle...

Federal Courts Building

.....I would still be sitting here wondering where it keeps going every day. My To Do List gets longer every single day and I fear that the Completed Checklist is looking a bit anemic.


Yesterday evening, being one of the few free ones that I had this week, I had grandiose plans of getting tax information squared away, cleaning up some of the house, putting together a fabulous entry for the site....and I basically went to Target and bought stuff. I mean toothpaste, shampoo, a new shirt that was on sale, earth-shatteringly important stuff!


Soo....I have 2 weeks left at my current contract, and no word as of yet if a new one is pending. I try not to worry about such things...but paying my mortgage delivering pizzas does not seem likely.


On the plus side, Pattern Recognition is in-crucking-fedible. I am leary of posting much on it, as I am only 100 or so pages into it, but lo, it is good.

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